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allergic to work

Work has been a roller coaster the last couple days. Last Monday I was so upset, I thought I might quit. [or more likely, give notice] Even though I haven’t been looking for a new job, I was ready to pack it up and go stay with my daddy, in lieu of working for my-crazy-boss. Things kinda got better as the week went by, but were soured at least once a day by the yelling. Always with the yelling.

This week has been crazily work-centered because of the corporate competition amongst businesses here in town. Four different companies (and the YMCA) are involved in a yearly, two-week battle to claim a trophy. Competitions are varied, from pure cheese (the ‘banner & skit’ competition), to physical (Softball, bball, rock-climbing, etc.). This year I was on the quiz bowl team, and semi-coerced on to the swim team. Rules for all events require four person teams, with two men and two women, with at least one team member over 40. One of the women on the swim team backed out, and I happen to work with the captain, so I was in. I love swimming, but I’ve never done it competitively…until Sunday. It was a relay, and I only had to swim one lap (Praise Jesus!) but I thought that I might pass out afterward. I gave everything I had in that one lap, in order to not let my teammates down. I didn’t. We finished 3rd (missing 2nd by about 3 feet). The Y was 2nd, and they had lifeguards and swim instructors on their team. So I don’t feel bad about 3rd. Though I wish we could have made up those 3 feet.

The Quiz Bowl was Tuesday night (double elimination, so each team must lose twice). We started off a little timid, but found our groove fairly quickly. Whooped the first team we played, lost to the second, and switched out a team member for an alternate before our 3rd game. We dominated the 3rd game, and prepared to play for first place, when all of a sudden we were called for a conference with a judge. Apparently, our toughest competition decided to cite us for a rule violation (subbing in an alternate) that we were unaware of (since that rule had not been announced or provided to us prior to the game – or indeed at all, until we were told about it). So we were DQ’ed.

But I came in to work yesterday feeling as though we’d won anyway. I had a great time, regardless of what the final scores were. My biggest regret was that we didn’t get to play the final round. Not to necessarily win – though that would’ve been nice. I just really like playing.

And then my experiment worked.  Better than it has up to this point.  And this thing has been ongoing for months.  But I’m kinda new to method development, especially with this particular instrument – I’m actually more familiar with chromatography.  But anyway, all excuses aside, nothing I’ve been trying has been working.  My sample’s in a problematic matrix and the concentration range is vast (ppb to ppm).  Not to mention my instrument is older than my degree.  So, ugh.

Presented my results to boss-lady today only to get hit with a brickwall and a ‘back to the drawing board’.  Way back.  So.

Thankfully, it wasn’t done with yelling today, and I could tell there were moments when she seemed interested in actually helping me develop my skills in this area instead of dropping me off the side of a cliff  with a box labeled “Parachute: some assembly required”.  So..some days are better than others.  I think we all just wish we knew which kind we’d be walking in to every morning.

Which makes me feel near ecstatic that she won’t be there tomorrow.  I’ll be at work, but it’ll still be like having the day off.  Sad.   But real.

And then, today, I started sneezing a lot at work…either the grass pollen’s out now, or………


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