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tamyra gray is mimi?

Rent is my favorite Broadway show. Has been ever since I first saw it…I don’t know how many years ago anymore. Since then I’ve seen it five or six more times. Once on tour in Atlanta, once with Joey Fatone as ‘Mark’, at least twice from going to the lottery at the box office… I’ve got the complete original soundtrack, and have most of the songs memorized.

So I love the show. I never imagined Tamyra Gray as ‘Mimi’. I loved her in the first season of Idol and thought she should’ve won, but I kinda think that Kelly Clarkson has more stage presence. It would certainly be interesting to see her in the show…

***Newsflash: Just in case you didn’t click the ‘Rent’ link, be advised – the show is closing this year (9/7/08). It’s been a good run. The Nederlander will go on with some other show, I suppose. So – if you haven’t seen it yet, now’s the time.***

In somewhat related news, Vote for the Worst is ruining the show. I’m not sad that Carly’s gone – I never liked her. But it was most certainly, and without question, Brooke White’s time to go. I knew Syesha’d be in the bottom, so I voted for her for, like, an hour last night. The second number was completely free the entire time I was calling in. That’s shameful.

With the talent pool shrinking every year, and vftw[dot]com cranking up more and more support every year, it’s no wonder we’ve come to this point. So I say again, I think this is my last season of Idol.

How many more songs does Brooke need to mess up?


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