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the return of justin-bobby

You know, Kristin (wikipedia says she’s an actress – I wouldn’t go that far) really missed the boat. When the first season of Laguna Beach came on – she was the star. Undeniably.

LC was a hanger-on. She was Kristin’s semi-nemesis with Stephen, but didn’t get a whole lotta airtime. Season 2 pitted the two girls against each other, and gave Lauren greater visibility.

The kids graduated, and Lauren parlayed her new-found reality stardom into even more reality stardom ~ and The Hills.

We are now on the third season of The Hills. And LC has shown herself a savvy business-woman, using the show to get paid. and fame. and a job. and a better job. Stephen’s coming back on the next episode.

Unbelievably, people I know her name, her life, and side with her on crazy drama like this crap with her and Heidi Montag’s bf, Spencer. [Heidi wins the award for very worst music video of the decade (if not all time) with this precious gem, shot by her then-snookums, Spencer.]

And the piece-de-resistance: Audrina, LC’s current roommate, who used to be good friends with Heidi, but isn’t so much now, because of the Spencer/Lauren thing – exacerbated by the fact that Brody (Spencer’s old bff) chose LC’s side in the split – is back to talking to her ex-bf Justin (who for some reason wanted to be called Bobby, and is now called Justin-Bobby by Lo and LC because of the ridiculosity of that whole thing) but they’re not actually together.

If you can follow all of that, you’re an addict [like me] and it’s time for the twelve steps.

#1. Admit you have a problem…


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