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that crappy dancing show

Step it Up and Dance.  Wow, does this show suck.  Or…actually…these dancers…kinda suck.

so I was watching the show from last night, and all of a sudden I shout out – “That’s SO RACIST!”

That would be because these guys were trying to come up with a hip-hop battle routine and they decided to mock the Asian girl in another group by scrunching down [to get short] and then folding their hands and bowing.

I just find it kind of awful how this show thrives on stereotypes.  – Two weeks ago, Scary Spice told Tovah (the only black girl on the show) that she should know hip hop because she is black.

And then there’s the fact that these so-called dancers can only do one thing.  Barely that.  wtf?  You come to a hip-hop battle and do pirouettes?  Over and over?  Awful.

SYTYCD is SO way better.  So, SO way better.


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