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Vote Syesha NOW!

MC on Idol.  I was dreading this night.  The most mediocre hopefuls doing Mariah?  Does it even sound like a good idea?

I love Mariah – I know all her songs – I’m by no means a superfan…but I’ve loved her since her first cd.  ‘Vanishing’ was my favorite song on that one.  And Syesha did indeed do it justice.  Please vote for her, y’all.

Everybody else has been blah.

David A – “When You Believe” – boring.  not great vocally.

Carly – “Without You” – terrible.  over sung with no personality.

Brooke – “Hero” – I always said that the last time I heard this song was the last time I wanted to hear it.  So this time was almost an affront.  She tried.  And I suppose she realized that it wasn’t going so well, so she decided to speed it up and get it over with.  Not good.

Kristy Lee – “Forever” – better than I ever expected.  she really could do this on her own record and her fan base would love it.  As I am not a member of her fan base, I do NOT love it.

David C – “Always Be My Baby” – good concept, but it fell apart near the end.  then it got ugly – fast.  the end was only good because it was ending.

Jason C – “I Don’t Wanna Cry” – ok concept, but he didn’t really deliver.

But Syesha – she chose a great song, sang it well, and took a few moments to change it up a little.  I think [hope] the Mariah fans will be out in force to vote for Syesha.  Please?  Cuz I love her.

gotta go vote.  [and then I’ll go get the new cd.]

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