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violated – in the country

My dad came to visit this week (Tuesday), and he brought me some roses to plant – so we planted them. They were beautiful – one white, one red, several blooms and tons of buds. We planted them in my backyard.

Yesterday, I went out and watered the roses. Their beauty was pristine.

Today, it rained – so I knew I didn’t have to water the roses. But I looked out the window at the roses, just to see them. No blooms! So then I thought it must’ve rained so hard it knocked off the flowers. So I went out to the bed and looked – there were no buds either!

I looked closer, and it looks almost like the flowers and the buds were cut off. But I know that nobody in my neighborhood would cut all my roses. I’ve seen deer around here before…and since the marks on the rosebushes weren’t completely even…I think it was actually deer. Seriously.

I live in the freakin’ country. And I had no idea.


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