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Ford “music” videos

Just a moment to talk about how incredibly embarrassing it must be to have to do these faux music videos.  Tonight their video was ‘It’s Tricky’.  If you didn’t see it, thank your lucky stars.

I think this may be my last season watching.  The talent’s decreasing, and people apparently don’t know what words mean.  I voted for Syesha a lot last night, cuz I didn’t want her to go home – and she’s not.  But when Ryan asked her if it was daunting to attempt “I Will Always Love You” she said it was a hard question to answer.  When she continued, I realized the reason.  Cuz she doesn’t know what daunting means.

And then I was all freaked out by the Clark Brothers strange medley of ‘This Little Light of Mine’ and ‘Jesus on the Main Line’.  I’m quite familiar with both songs…I actually like “Call Him Up” (Jesus on the Main Line) a lot…just not the way they did it.  That mash-up was just all kinds of weird to me.  If you grew up singing Call Him Up in black churches in the South, I think you know what I’m talking about.  It was kind of like the opposite of how you’d expect the song to go.

I liked Dolly’s song, but not her performance.  So all in all, this week wasn’t a good Idol week for me.  We’ll hope for something better next week.


One thought on “Ford “music” videos

  1. too much about looks … I thought some fine singers in the top 24 should have gone through, but looks won out. The instruments this year is just a gimmick to keep inerest high. It IS Singing we are after.

    maybe the seasoned nature of some of the contestants kills the spontaneity factor as well.

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