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affirmative action is imperative

Thanks to Rachel, I happened upon an MSNBC article and decided to vote and see the results of the ‘live poll’ about whether it’s time to end affirmative action. You know – cuz Ward Connerly’s initiative is making waves. I don’t really wanna talk about just how horrible I think this dude is…just that affirmative action is indeed what I already said: imperative.

There is still too much that obviously out-of-whack – out of balance – too little representation. I’ve known for some time that most of the white people I know feel like it’s so unfair and everything…but I was still surprised by the poll results.

Live Vote
  Do you agree with Ward Connerly’s argument that it is time to end racial or gender-based preferences? * 16618 responses  
  Yes. The successes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton show that preferences are no longer necessary.
  No. Affirmative action is still needed to compensate for institutional racism and institutional sexism.
  I’m not sure.
Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding.

think I’ll talk about this more, later.

2 thoughts on “affirmative action is imperative

  1. I can fully relate to the findings of this poll (no surprise at all), if you have benefited by this practice, then I know why you support it (self benefit), but don’t try to convince the people that this practice discriminates against, that it is somehow good for them. I as a white guy actually know the effects first hand of this government sanctioned discrimination, (when you loose your job because all minorities are exempt from layoff, or are by passed for a job because of nothing more than the color of your skin or your sex) then maybe you could understand. The sad fact is some people just wont try no matter how many give away programs there are, and some will. Race, sex, and age should not be on any applications; employment, loan, well fare, etc. (equal rights means equal). There are a lot of poor blacks in America, but there are a whole lot more poor whites in America, social programs should support people in need “all people”in need.

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