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MJ – interpreted by an Idol

David Cook just turned out American Idol with the most original rendition of Billie Jean since Michael himself. [if, of course, you can actually apply the word original to a cover] It’s rare for me to actually enjoy anyone else’s version of a classic – especially if I was alive and aware of the original when it came out. [See, I’m totally cool about all of Luther’s remakes – cuz I heard his first…and his voice is like buttah]

I’d love to know who actually arranged that – whether it was David Cook or a behind-the-scenes Idol person. Cuz (whoever-it-was) needs to be getting paid. It was on fire.

Syesha and Michael were also good. Everyone else was fair to middling. With Carly Smithson landing rather low on my list [as she has since day one], I wouldn’t mind her going – although it’s been Kristy’s turn to go for the last 3 weeks and she just won’t LEAVE. And of course, after singing Lee Greenwood‘s “God Bless the USA“, she’s probably gonna be in it for another week. Although I believe that’s just plain dirty – playing on people’s patriotism, just so they’ll keep you on the show. [Not to say that she’s not a patriot, just to say that Americans have recently exhibited the tendency to throw all rational thought away when presented with the opportunity to “demonstrate” their patriotism without actually sacrificing anything (a la the yellow-ribbon car magnet).]

So – in reality – it’s more likely that Ramiele or Chikezie will go home this week.


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