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the demise of SNL

(written on 3.16.08 right after the show)

When did it actually happen?  I remember watching the show during my first year of college and thinking it was funny.  That lasted for about another year or so, and then I was doing other things on Saturday night, so it didn’t matter – I didn’t keep up with it.  Every once in a while I might catch it – but it wasn’t that great.  Brief periods of brilliance appeared [for very different reasons] in the likes of Adam Sandler (in the mid-90s), Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell (in the late 90s), and Tina Fey in the 00s.

It seems that every successive generation laments the fall of SNL, but a few of us keep hoping for another bright spark to renew our faith in the franchise.  Amy Poelher’s got a lot of talent, as does [the girl whose name just slipped my mind but she does the Target sketches].  Kenan Thompson’s actually pretty funny, but he needs someone to write better sketches for him.  Andy Samberg’s really talented in the digital short arena – otherwise, he’s a bit player/supporting castmember.  I’m not really impressed with anyone else.

So what’s up?  Will SNL ever die?  Will Lorne take it with him when he dies?

Here’s another question – should the show really be so reliant on the particular host-of-the-week?  Great hosts MAKE the show.
*Justin [‘bring it on down to omelette/homeless-ville’]

*Christopher Walken [‘more cowbell’]

*Britney [‘I don’t front’]

~there are a few others though I can’t being them up off the top of my head.  Normally John Goodman and Steve Martin do a good job.  Jennifer Aniston and Neve Campbell have also done well.  Will Ferrell’s been back to host the show and been awesome, as well.  What sucks is that these guys normally don’t all host in one season.  So out of the 20 or so episodes, there are about 3 [maybe 4] good ones.  That’s it.

Tonight, it felt like the show would never end.  I almost fell asleep – and the only reason I was fighting to stay awake was cuz MC was the musical guest.  The tv I was watching on sucks butt though, so I couldn’t get good sound…I’ll  have to watch the performances again on my dvr.

Anyway – here’s hoping SNL gets better…not worse.


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