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me: not into the beatles

I’m not into The Beatles.  Never have been.  Frankly, I’ve never actually understood why they were such a big hit.  They didn’t have great voices…didn’t use a lot of harmony…I’ll grant the songwriting talent – maybe even arrangements.  But that just means someone else coulda been singing their music (someone with a better voice).

But, uh, I’m not thrilled to hear that we’re in for another week of Beatles music on American Idol.

*moment of silence for the loss of the hotboy on Idol: David Hernandez is gone*


Anyway – as I was saying – there wasn’t a whole lotta talent last night…more “daring” arrangements next week?  why would anyone request that?  whatevs.

Here’s to another week of mediocre performances.


6 thoughts on “me: not into the beatles

  1. why?
    “most important band ever”
    I can see how they were influential…
    but I think I’m more into vocals – and they just don’t impress me in that arena.

  2. But vocals aren’t all that make a song great.

    Sometimes it’s the lyrics.

    Look up Rick Nelson’s Garden Party for instance.

  3. true – good vocals aren’t everything, but they are what grab me. if the vocals suck, but the lyrics are cool – then maybe we should be reading it instead of listening to it…

  4. my shock was in jest of course, but to answer briefly: There greatness lies in the songs more than singing, to be sure, but there’s a lot that goes into that..

    lyrics, melody/harmony/chord progressions, instrumentation, arrangement, it’s all of those things combined, along with their innovation in using the studio technology of the time to craft soundscapes and manipulate/arrange sounds/noises/timbres, and effectively use the studio itself as an instrument.. with george martin and geoff emerick they basically rewrote the blueprint for pop music studio recording (starting with the revolver album, and specifically the track “Tomorrow Never Knows” on that album)

    i’ll stop there lol. but listening to covers is a great way to get to know their music (although i think some of there originals are very soulful, like Golden Slumbers for instance).. i saw once paul himelf say he likes their music best when it is covered my black artists.. some of my favorite covers are Stevie Wonder “We Can Work It out”, wilson pickett’s “Hey Jude”, Living Colour’s “Tomorrow Never Knows” and Prince’s guitar solo on “My Guitar Gently Weeps” at the rock & roll hall of fame.

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