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follow the rules

ok. now, just to see if you have been brainwashed as much as me – here’s a situation, you tell me what is supposed to happen.

Scene:  Party/Get-together.  Music playing in the background, people milling around, laughing…
Zoom-in on a girl smiling with her mouth but not so much her eyes.  She surveys the room then, lightly jostled a bit, makes her way toward a wall.  Standing there for a moment, she makes eye-contact with some friends – raises her hand to wave, and they wave in response.  She tracks a few people in their routes through and around the mass of people, and begins to make her own way through, once again – this time, out to a balcony/patio for some fresh air and a glance at the stars.  A few moments of quiet.

Alright – what happens next? (and does it ever happen in real life?)


2 thoughts on “follow the rules

  1. Then the boy of her dreams also walks out onto the patio for some fresh air. They get to talking, eventually leading to a delicate kiss. THEN, the boy’s girlfriend walks out onto the patio and sees them. She calls the girl a slut, slaps her boyfriend, and runs off. The boy of this girl’s previous dreams runs like a coward after his girlfriend. Right after this dramatic scene, her friends, who saw everything, come running out onto the patio and try to console her. […] 3 months later…she meets someone who is the new guy of her dreams and surprisingly does not have a girlfriend and is good to her and they exchange a deeply romantic kiss and live happily ever after.

    Just the predictable teenybopper type of movie plot (and chick-lit). No, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t happen in real life…it’s just a bunch of bull that people feed ignorant or heart broken girls who either have yet to experience real life or have and hope that this sort of happy ending will become their own.

  2. wow – you really got into the story…and I guess you’re right. The movies [media in general] never have the first guy being the “right” guy, cuz [for some reason] the girls starts out mooning over some jerk…or at least someone who’s inappropriate/unavailable to her.

    the salient part for me here, is that the guy is supposed to be observant/interested enough to note *our heroine’s* absence and go looking for her…guessing correctly that he is the one she wants to see [and that, in fact, she went out there with the unconscious desire to be pursued].

    Have yet to see this happen in real life.

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