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Idol mediocrity

Since American Idol is the new ‘Up With People‘ [only without all the do-gooders plus a huge amount of fame; slightly ignoring the fact the old ‘Up With People’ isn’t actually defunct as I had believed], you’d think they’d pick better songs for the entire group to sing together.

I really thought that there was a list of songs that they got to choose from – and that there were people giving the contestants assistance…It doesn’t seem so, tho.  The group performances are even worse than the individual performances.  With so many great songs – how is it that they’re picking so many losers?

I’m seriously pissed that Alexandrea didn’t get enough votes.  I actually voted last night.  For her.  Until the lines were too busy. [Ok, so I’m not a die hard, and I kinda forgot to go back and vote after Project Runway – sue me.]  Seriously – that wild haired rock girl should be going home.  Or that awful Kady girl.  Actually, I think Alex’s performance tonight was awesome.  I’m totally disappointed, and I’m wondering who [the ethereal] America wants.  David Archuleta gained some more respect from me, seeing as how Alex seemed to be his fave girl, too.

I don’t care about the guys going home – they actually should be going home.

I just don’t see how anyone could believe that this is the best season, yet.  It seems to be shaping up to be a disappointing one, though.

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