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the dudes

All ten guys sang tonight…a few impressed.

david_a.jpgDavid Archuleta (Imagine) is the one to beat, without a doubt. He also had the best intro video. [There were an awful lot of guys talking about what great musicians they are and then screwing up their performances with crappy song choice/vocals/instruments.] He talked about meeting the Idol Finalists from Season 1, and getting to sing ‘And I am Telling You…’ for them. There were vid clips of him singing and you could see Kelly and Justin [among the others] listening. Kelly actually came over and talked to him and gave him a hug or something – very cute. Right now, I’d say he’s got the best sense of how to win this thing.

david.jpgDavid Hernandez (Papa Was a Rolling Stone) had the first great performance of the night – only topped by David A [the last performance]. He chose a song that was good for his range and his style. He didn’t stick to every single original note, which made it more interesting and showcased his vocal talent, but he maintained the backbone of the song and its character to allow for maximum nostalgia points, and genuine respect for doing a remake well.

chikezzee.jpgChikezie’s piece (I Believe) went much better than last week. There was even one moment that seemed to endear him to the audience [“…when you know my name, when you know my name…”]. I loved that. The rest of it was ok, but better than everybody else besides David A and David H.

david_c.jpgDavid Cook sang ‘Alright Now’. He did a good job. He can actually sing rock – as opposed to this other guy whose name I haven’t bothered to learn [since I don’t think he’ll be in the competition much longer anyway]. I kind of get the impression that he’s trying to ride Chris Daughtry’s coattails, and that’s a bit disturbing to me. I don’t think he has anywhere near the charisma that Daughtry has.

Frankly, no one on the show has the charisma of past Idol seasons. David A has something…more of an endearing quality than that of the ‘leader’ feeling you get from a Kelly, or Fantasia or even Carrie. You know what? He’s like a more sensitive/sympathetic Taylor Hicks.

Anyway, it’s a lil bit interesting to me that there are three Davids and two Jasons, this year. And also, the fact that a boy might win it this year, after all.


One thought on “the dudes

  1. I agree 100% David A. was the BEST of all of the guys last night! at the tender age of 17 I feel he has many many more years of music ahead of him. I would love to see him WIN!

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