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that whole bootstraps thing

So there’s this dude.  He grad’s from college and decides he’s gonna get himself a book deal.  How, you say?

By “abdicating” his middle-class status and “starting over” in Charleston, SC.  He lived in a shelter for a time, got a job as a mover [day-laborer], and started working his way out of the (artificial) hole he’d put himself in.

He was gonna do it for a year, and see if he could save $2,500 and get an apartment.  10 months in, he had a truck, and apartment, and $5k.  He had to quit, then, cuz of a family thing.  But it was a success, anyway, all because of his attitude.

[needless to say, he’s white]

And here we go again.  Some white guy fakes a hard lot in life, gets out of it ok, and says ‘See? I told you it could be done!’  I’m sure he’ll get lots of publicity, and I know tons of white people who will latch on to the message like the gospel truth [a few black people, too].   Yeah, all it takes is a good attitude, some hard work, and some self-discipline.  Your only obstacle in life is yourself.

Whatever.  If you’ve met the real world, you know that privilege makes a hell of a lot of difference.  Meanwhile, a few other people are talking about this guy too.  [h/t Racialicious]

One thought on “that whole bootstraps thing

  1. hello, like your blog thingy. This guy has done some important research that I hope isn’t over looked. He has shown that a white able-bodied male with a middle class background, a college education,childless, perfect english diction,non-female,fully mentally and emotionally competant,heterosexual, aire of entitlement and confidence, and a credit card in his back pocket and a thoughtout plan can still make it in this counrty, so I guess this place isn’t going to hell like everyone assumes, so there’s nothing to worry about. Especially for all those white, able-bodied, fluent english speaking, college educated, middle class or higher, emotionally and mentally, competant, heterosexual, childless males out there with an aire of confidence, entitlement, a college education and a credit card.

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