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the Oscars – and the dresses

[i’m just starting to watch the show now (DVR)]

just a note: i was really feeling sketchy about Jon Stewart hosting – just cuz I don’t think he’s that funny without writers. So I’m going into this with…apprehension…

but the opening monologue wasn’t bad – it was better than I expected. not a laugh riot, but good.

and Jennifer Garner’s dress was bee-yoo-tiful. Black with awesome ruffles at the bottom.

I almost forgot how excited I am about ‘Get Smart’ coming out – I cannot wait! I loved that show [in reruns on NickatNite]…YAY – Ratatouille won!

Anne Hathaway and Katherine Heigl had some really great red dresses.

Amy Adams was understated in a dark green dress. The whole performance was understated, though.

Ooohwee, Jennifer Hudson! Wear that dress, girl! Awesome white dress. She looks good.

And Dixie Carter accompanied Hal Holbrook – cool – nod to Designing Women.

Didn’t get a chance to see Keri Russell’s dress in detail – from the back it looked nice. But the song from ‘August Rush’ was awesome! I need to see that. Interestingly [or not] enough, a friend of mine with a similar name pointed me to an article interviewing Jamal Joseph [the guy who wrote the song for August Rush]. Apparently he’s a professor at Columbia and just wrote a book about Tupac.

Tho I haven’t seen any of the animated shorts, I feel strangely gratified that “Peter and the Wolf” won. I love that story. I grew up listening to Sterling Holloway narrate the story.

Ewww. Tilda Swinton won best supporting actress. I don’t think she was prepared. She doesn’t seem to have done her hair, and she’s wearing a black sack. Meanwhile – Ruby Dee looked positively hot! I haven’t seen the movies – so I’m just basing this stuff on looks – it’s Hollywood, right?

Jessica Alba’s purple dress was very becoming…

I laughed out loud at something Jon Stewart said! I didn’t think it’d happen. His comment to Jack Nicholson was hilarious. That’s 1.

Ooooh. Sarah Polley nominated for an Oscar! Awesome! I’m just glad she was nominated – she’s a really talented girl. I’m gonna hafta look for ‘Away From Her’.

Dude. Wouldn’t it be so cool, to be a member of the academy and get to see movies for free? And then be able to vote, too?

Hannah Montana reprised the red dress fairly well. Kristin Chenoweth is not my fave singer/actress…Her voice…is annoying to me. Her dress is ok…a very ruffly tan/grey thing. Actually prettier than it sounds. But weird.

Forest Whitaker is awesome. I just like the way he walked in.

me = not into the song from ‘Once’. I’m thinking I wouldn’t so much be into the movie, either.

So as Jack Nicholson is introducing the Best Picture montage, did anyone else think he looked like he was scanning the room for more hot chicks? Meanwhile, I’ve seen 20 out of 79 movies that have won for Best Picture. Pretty awesome since I’ll watch almost anything but Oscar nominated movies…

Dude. There’s some 98-yr-old who’s still doing production design. Wow. That’s variety – he did ‘Fiddler on the Roof’, ‘The Birds’, and ‘Private Benjamin’ [and many others]. But Nicole Kidman’s dress was boring.

Ahhh, Penelope Cruz’s dress was much more dramatic. Very nice.

Woo! Another song from ‘Enchanted’ – but that dude totally…mucked it up.

Ok. I’m disgusted. I woulda been happy with any other song winning. ANY other song than this. [the one from ‘Once’]

And what’s the deal with the camera and Laura Linney? Is she taking each win personally?

ooooh, Cameron Diaz! Great Dress! yes – with a capitol D. Light pink with drama and flair – but not that crazy couture stuff – drama and flair within the realm of wearability.

Hillary Swank’s dress: black – and somewhat reminiscent of Halle Berry’s dress the year she won. Not in a copy-cat way, more of a silent tribute. Nice though.

Amy Adams black dress? Um, no. The top was kinda ugga-mugga.

Just added ‘War Dance to my Netflix queue. [I love spelling that word…queueueueueueueueue. Ok, so it’s late and I’m getting a lil punch-drunk.]

Yay! ‘Juno’ won something!

You go Helen Mirren. That dress makes you look like a real queen. Scarlet with silver and jeweled sleeves. Best of the night, I think. [And Johnny Depp is as hot as Daniel Day Lewis is decidedly disturbing]

wow. Denzel bald. Is it permanent? or for a movie? or just preference?

PS – the choices for movies this year, IMO, were sorely lacking. if going to/watching movies is about escapism, then these folks aren’t giving us much to escape TO.

So that was the Oscars, according to the shyness. Join us again next year, when (hopefully) we’ll have more festive choices, and more worthy comedies.



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