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the requisite Idol commentary

It has been said that this season of American Idol holds the most-talented group of contestants. I do not agree. Maybe they’re just not showing the talented moments on tv. We’re in the top 24 stage, right now, 12 girls and 12 guys. Last night was unspeakably bad. Like – actually – I can’t talk about it. I fast-forwarded through most of it cuz it sucked SO bad. There may be …two? salvageable guys?

The girls, on the other hand, actually lend themselves to review – so here they are:

kristy.jpgKristy Lee Cook, “Rescue Me” – nothing spectacular, but she was on key, for the most part, so that’s good.

jo-anne.jpgJoanne Borgella, “Forever” – I just don’t like the tone of her voice. It seems to border on shrill. Maybe she just doesn’t have a lot of control. Whatever the issue, the performance wasn’t very good. She’s prettier than her voice.

alaina.jpgAlaina Whitaker, “Love You More Today” (?) – THE worst song of the night – sung very well. I hated the song. Passionately. It was terrible, but she brought energy and warmth to empty words and a lackluster tune. I hope she gets to stay.

amanda.jpgAmanda Overmyer, “Baby, Please Don’t Go” – I haven’t liked her from the beginning. I’ve tried. I just don’t like her. She performed well. But – ugh. I do not like her. Or her hair.

amy.jpgAmy Davis, “Where the Boys Are” – I really like that song, so it was really sad to hear it done so badly. I actually fast-forwarded through most of it. Maybe she’s really sick and nervous and that’s why her voice wobbled and wouldn’t stay on pitch. That could be it. If she makes it to next week she’s gonna hafta step it up.

brooke.jpgBrooke White, “Imagine Me and You” – Poor song choice. She needed to pick something better for her range. She’s not going anywhere though, because she has a passing voice and her looks/personality will carry her at least a couple more weeks. [if not much further]

alexandrea.jpgAlexandrea Lushington, “Spinning Wheel” – Possibly my favorite performance of the night. Sung well, with attitude and inflection. And an excellent song choice. I love this song, so I’m completely biased, but it’s gotta say something for me to think she did it fair justice for an early Idol rendition. I think Simon was furthest off-base with his critique on this song. [He said he didn’t ‘get it’.] I will say, though, that there were better singers on the stage tonight.

kady.jpgKady Malloy, “Groovy Kind of Love” – I had no idea this song was actually from the 60’s. I know Phil Collins’ version and that’s it. This girl’s probably not going home, but the song has been done better. WAY better. I’m not sure she’s got longevity in thie competition, though.

asiah.jpgAsia’h Epperson, “Piece of My Heart” – Stellar performance. Maybe best of the night. This girl’s got to go far – she’s good.

ramiele.jpgRamiele Malubay, “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” – Very well done. She’s probably one of the best with control and musical styling. I’d actually love for her to win it all, but I fear that versatility is not her strong suit. I’ll cross my fingers anyway.

syesha.jpgSyesha Mercado, “Tobacco Road” – Good job. Not my favorite, but very well done, just the same. She’ll be in for the long haul unless something crazy happens.

carly.jpgCarly Smithson, “The Shadow of Your Smile” – Good, but not great. I don’t really like this girl’s personality.

Paula’s hair: scary. Why are the extensions hugging her so tightly? It’s just too long and a lil bit scary.

So far: guys – 0; girls – 5.

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