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*I’m in one of those sentimental places tonight. Dunno why. Nothing wrong with it, I suppose. Just hasn’t happened in a really long time. Odd.

*Kinda let down about Hills not winning of late. I think the Obama-momentum is not so much of a good thing, and quixote summed it up nicely yesterday.

*I just realized that I didn’t reset the volumes for my HPLC eluent that I left running at work and so, even though it’s supposed to run overnight, I think it’s gonna shut down, which sux for me. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about – that’s okay – but I have a job and sometimes these thoughts pop in my head. Thoughts from work. Like – I didn’t turn off the burner on the AA one time, and it was just going – all night long. Wasting gas. For shame. We’re in serious belt-tightening mode right now, too. [Saving money on shipping/supplies/etc. could help save someone’s job – and if it’s my job, that’s great!] I just have a lot going on there, right now, and so it’s gonna be on my mind.

*B*tch Magazine has finally made their website presentable [check the blogroll for the link]. So I’m glad about that. Funny how I just happened to stumble upon it, one day in B&N…what…four years ago? What a different life I was leading then.

*As the big 3-0 continues to loom, everything is up for review. Relationships, finances, philosophies, physicality, education, occupation, avocation – everything. How do you not hold up the standard of someone else you know who’s basically kicking the world’s behonkus and compare yourself to it?

*Watched Stardust last night – loved it. Great fantasy story. Original, well put-together. DeNiro has a very endearing, yet highly out-of-the-ordinary character role. Pfeiffer, intriguing because I can’t remember another time seeing her quite so ugly. And Claire Danes shines. Literally. [The boy isn’t bad either.]

*In the Land of Women. Hmm. Enjoyable. Leaves me quite ready to be kissed. Not super. But certainly enjoyable. But then, I’m one of those people who’ve fallen under the spell of Adam Brody. Which I believe is quite a feat, considering I never actually saw ‘The O.C.’

*Oh, and MC’s got a new single out, “Touch My Body“.  I like it.  I probably won’t love it til later, but I’m looking forward to her new CD: E=MC² [coming April 15th].  Yay! A CD to get excited about, again.  (Frankly, there just aren’t that many to get excited about these days.  Even MC isn’t in the glory days anymore – though Emancipation was good.)

Okay, then. I believe I’ve been disjointed and cheesy enough to reassure any and all readers of my innate dorkiness. Let’s not speak of this again.


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