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another one bites the dust

Presidential hopefuls are dropping like flies, these days. Can’t say I’m sorry to see Mr. Romney go, except for the self-serving reasons that -had he won the nomination- he woulda been easier to beat. [I know Republicans who would vote Democrat before they’d vote for Romney.] Now, he was funding his own campaign by this point, which I’m sure got expensive, so I can understand why he’d wanna throw in the towel. But the bogus reason he seemed to give was a doozy.

His ‘graceful’ exit was marred only by the bizarre notion he posited as his parting joust at the Democratic Party. He mentioned Hillary and Obama and their history-making roles, and then he made mention that if either one of them won, the terrorists would ‘win’. [or be ’emboldened’, or some such buzzword] Seriously? The terrorists are cheering for either a woman or a black guy to win? Woo.

Here’s an actual quote:

Mitt Romney suspended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, saying if he continued it would “forestall the launch of a national campaign and be making it easier for Senator Clinton or Obama to win.”

“In this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror. This is not an easy decision. I hate to lose,” the former Massachusetts governor said.

“If this were only about me, I’d go on. But it’s never been only about me. I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, in this time of war I feel I have to now stand aside for our party and for our country.” –CNN


Thankfully, at least, Britney’s retreated from everyday front pages news, cuz she’s gonna be institutionalized for another – oops, shoulda checked myself, trent’s got other news.

Oh well, we’ll see how things go.

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