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here’s the thing

I’m cool with Obama. I think he’s a nice guy. And it’s all good, as far as that goes. I do think he’s more of a politician than he’s getting credit for – come on, anyone who can talk to me for 30 min – not say much of anything – and still have me end up wanting to have his baby? that’s a good politician.

But I said I’d decided to vote for Hillary – and I did. [it was actually really awesome to vote for a woman for president – as I think it would’ve been to vote for a black man.] To bring it down to brass tacks, I think she’d represent me better – and that’s what I want. My voice/view represented.

I don’t find a whole lot of difference between the two candidates. But Obama has kinda got me wondering about his loyalty to the party – his platform stance on ‘hands across the aisle’ has me wondering how he’s gonna get that to work. I really do think Hillary’s against the war, and will work to get us out of Iraq. I think she got caught up with a lot of other people at the outset and said some things that continue to haunt her in regard to the war.

I hate that the media’s blowing every interaction between the two of them up into some kind of skirmish…but I get it. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with either one of them. But the picture I’m getting, as the dominoes fall, is that there are a fair amount of white people who are congratulating themselves on backing Barack instead of Hillary. White people who are quite comfortable using euphemisms to say that they think Barack is ‘white-enough‘. [At least, they’re comfortable saying it around me, and I understand – they know I know it’s a euphemism, but I don’t feel like making work into a hostile environment – and they think I’m white-enough, too.] So I make an edgy comment here or there, to let them know it’s not ok to take it so far as to tell me something we couldn’t come back from [I’ll fill this space with an example when I’m not so tired].

But yeah – I’m getting that there are quite a few people [some of whom are racist] who have decided that a black man, is still a man – and that distinction is enough to make him the better choice. I don’t see that as so much progress for racial issues in America. Just a setback – or maybe more of a reality check – for the gender issues we’ve got.

Of course, we can’t rule out the folks that actually, actively HATE Hillary. [There is a lot of that here, where I live. Women and men alike vilify her.] And I just don’t get why they are so angry. I know people who’ve hated her since Bill’s first term – for having the audacity to be more than a[n] (inanimate) fixture in the White House. People who hate her for staying with Bill through the whole ‘Monica-gate’ thing. Aack! Stop hatin!

So, I feel like Hillary would be more loyal to my concerns, but I can’t tell for sure. Not with anyone. I like Obama, too. I like his honesty. His seeming transparency. He looks like he prizes his integrity, and I think that he’s probably felt some of the push we all feel – to live to a higher standard because we’re “examples” for our race. [Boy is that some pressure]

So maybe this post feels like I’m waffling. Maybe I am. I’d kinda like Hillary to win it all this year – I don’t know when there’ll be another viable female candidate for the job. But if Obama wins the nomination, I’m for him with both hands – and both feet, too.

The thing I don’t want is for this nit-picking, drama-baiting thing to continue. It doesn’t make anyone look good.


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