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caffeine – fun and foul

Netflix gives me the opportunity to see movies I’ve never heard of – I like that.

I just watched Caffeine. caffeine.png

No, not that one. The movie. I really liked it. I think I gave it four out of five stars. There’s this girl Marsha Thomason in it – and she’s beautiful, and I love her hair. And Breckin Meyer, of Clueless fame. And Katherine Heigl – with a Brit accent. That was weird to me, cuz Breckin didn’t have one and she did. What’s the point of that?

Anyway, it was hilarious at moments, and actually brought tears to my eyes a couple of times, in that respect. The movie was generously peppered with the f-word but in it’s most chuckle-generating uses. [A word which I choose not to use for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that my parents could run across my blog at any time. don’t judge.] There is a bit of the ‘Empire Records’ feel to this movie, which of course would endear it to me, since I am a big fan of that movie, too.

All-in-all: “two thumbs up, fine holiday fun” (travis birkenstock)

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