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5 minutes in Paris

I’ve just watched Paris, je t’aime. Eighteen glimpses of the various arrondissements, with a look at the beginnings and endings – and middle – of love.

Each piece was approximately 5min long, and they were all directed by different people [from Wes Craven to Gurinder Chadha] – and all their own variation of lovely. I had several favorites, with some I loved a little less, but overall, it was a delight to watch. For the most part it’s in French – so you’ll need the subtitles if you aren’t fluent. But the subtitles weren’t the only reason that I couldn’t take my eyes away from this film. [Often, I am reading/writing/playing on the computer whenever I’m watching anything that doesn’t require my full attention (up to and including reading subtitles – which I use [in the form of closed captioning] more frequently than most for watching scary movies with the sound off).]

Each piece was an introduction to a place I wanted to get to know better – well – all except for the one with the vamp. Only in the daylight for me, thank you. I regretted not having visited the cemetery while I was there – really, there’s so much to do, and I just want to go back. If my French were better I’d definitely consider living there. [As it’s not, I prefer London. Also, there’s less smoking in London.]

All in all, this movie made me want to go back to Paris – to revel in the love for a city I only barely know. It also brought me back to an idea I believe the French may get a lil more than we Americans sometimes do: what is the point to life if we do not enjoy it? Life is not supposed to be a punishment. Pain exists, but it is not everything. We can appreciate the pain, because it reminds us that we are alive. We can appreciate the rest of life because of the beauty that is always there – because of the love that exists – in children, mimes, the sick, the beautiful, the rich, the poor, the old – in us all.

That’s a lot for one movie, right? But it’s all there. Quick shots of life and love to make you homesick for Paris – even if you’ve never been there, but especially if you have. Two thumbs up!


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