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Enjoying Life

One of my goals in life is to enjoy it. I think this is something that kinda defines who I am. I tend to rank things in order of importance to me quite quickly, and ignore or pay attention as warranted.

Perhaps some of the ignoring could fall into the ostrich scenario [head-in-the-sand], I dunno. But I don’t go out of my way looking for fights. Today at work we were discussing idiots on television [they really should have their own network]. CNN is on continuously in our breakrooms, so we get treated to Glenn Beck’s ‘Inconvenient Minute‘. [He’s not thoroughly idiotic all the time – just enough to do some damage.] Anyway, I expressed that I don’t understand the allure of watching a blowhard on tv. My boss [a Muslim woman] watches Bill O’Reilly sometimes because she thinks he’s interesting [even though he is very anti-Islam]. The only other Democrat at work has the misfortune [that’s how I see it] of being married to a Republican – who likes O’Reilly. But he says he can only stomach a few minutes, before he has to leave the room or change the channel. My uncle actually used to listen to Rush Limbaugh just so he could alternately commiserate and disagree with him.

I don’t get it.

None of the aforementioned nincompoops hold any appeal for me. Ditto Howard Stern, Imus, Dr. Laura, Ann Coulter, ad nauseum. These people are mean/rude, and in my opinion, wrong. So why waste my time? Like I said, I’m tryna be happy, here. I don’t have a problem with people who hold differing viewpoints – just the ones that think you’re proved right/winning the argument if you’re louder than the other guy. Also, I’m not into racists and sexists. You know – being a woman of color, and all.

This philosophy informs more than my decisions about loudmouths, though. It’s why I prefer comedies to drama. Why I work to live [instead of live to work]. And probably why I have avoidance issues.

But it’s all me. [I realize that all of life is not a game, there are hard choices, hard times, hard work to be dealt with. In my opinion, that’s all the more reason to leave all that ‘hard’ stuff behind whenever you can.]

so I’ll leave you with my current fave way to unlax:

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