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the king (of pop)

You know, I’ve pretty much been a Michael Jackson fan my whole life. Not the kind that faints at concerts…or even goes for that matter, but, yeah – I like his music. Certainly, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t been touched by any of his music…

I remember someone brought the ‘Eat it’ tape into my kindergarten class for show and tell.

My dad used to play ‘Thriller’ at night and scare me with Vincent Price’s voice.

And I’ll never forget that one night, my first year in college, when we listened to ‘Remember the Time’ on repeat, for the entire night.

He’s a weirdo – no doubt. It’s a bit unclear to me as to whether he should be in jail. But for some reason, I have much better feelings about him than I do about R. Kelly. I don’t even listen to R. Kelly anymore. But I digress.

I like MJ. So this was, in its own way, a stirring tribute – lighthearted – but definitely a tribute. After all these years, and all the crazy, no one could mistake the music or the voice. The affect is simply one-of-a-kind – so much so, that it can be instantly recognized whenever it’s copied. But I digress again.

Here’s my point:


2 thoughts on “the king (of pop)

  1. i love michael jackson’s music and that video was hilarious. i am going to put a link on my site and send people here to watch it. great find.

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