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what she said

Basically, Rachel summed it up for me. It’s just barely the middle of January [not even really] and I am weary – weary of this political game that’s making me feel like I’m getting played.

A couple weeks ago we were all friends, ready to tear that house down. Long as one of us made it in, we knew we’d be on the right road. Now, all of a sudden, it’s every person for her/himself and God for us all.

I abhor political ads – mostly cuz they have a tendency to go negative, and I feel like going negative means you’re not good enough to win. Sure, there’s more to it than that, and there are nuances I don’t know anything about, blah blah blah. But truth will out, right?

A statement Arianna Huffington made on The Daily Show – oh who knows how long ago – I think it was the ’04 election – really resonated with me. She said something to this effect:
When the house is on fire, you don’t worry about redecorating. You put out the fire.

We all know that the POTUS won’t be able to effect inordinate amounts of change – no matter who it is. Unless of course, we start a war with Iran, we’re attacked again, and Bush decides to seize the gov’t and implement a new monarchy/dictatorship. I’m not ruling that out. But there will certainly be a perceptible difference in our lives when a Democrat is in charge again. If nothing more than the majority of the country will breathe easier. Shoot, after the ’04 elections, there were folks dealing with serious depression. And while I wasn’t one of them [I was sad, but I dealt with it], I can understand.

So, uh, why’s er’body gotta be jumping on some racist shzz, or some name-calling crybaby sexist crap?

Is this the strategy? Tire everybody out to the point where the majority decide – that girl and that black guy – they’ve got too much drama, let’s try this new white dude.



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