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Something New

After much thought, I’ve decided to join the many, and throw myself [my ideas – and everything else] at the mercy of the blogosphere. So here I am, unsure of how all this is going to work, but just a little bit excited to begin.

This year brings me to my [gasp!] 30th birthday, and the firm realization that I’m not a kid anymore. Not that I’m supremely irresponsible – but I do still refer to folks as ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ [although I frequently alternate ‘guys’ for ‘boys’, there seems to not be a similarly informal handle for ‘women’, which is actually somewhat annoying to me]. But yeah, with a mortgage, job, car, and all the other trappings of adulthood, it’s finally starting to sink in.

Meanwhile, it promises to be a momentous year for quite a few other reasons – not least of which is the presidential race and subsequent election. Then there’re my plans to visit Rome, take violin lessons, seriously consider whether I’ll remain in my current location [Podunk, Bible Belt, USA] or relocate. I’m considering what direction I’d like the next decade of my life to take, and for me, there’s a good deal of fear involved. [I’ve tended to live my life according to this philos: “better a live chicken, than a dead duck”]

I’ve not yet decided whether I’d like to focus on one specific topic, maintain a stream-of-consciousness style commentary on my life as it intersects with the rest of the world, or whether I want to take on a few partners in the development of this small corner of the web-community as it now exists.

So there’s a lot yet to be worked out – but I’m going for it. The writer’s strike [a la WGA] has afforded me the opportunity to reprioritize. And read more. And write more, hopefully. [and watch more movies, and take violin lessons, and sleep more]

Say goodbye to the inaugural post, then, and hello to –me–   my-grin1

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